Cally Florelegium Prints

  • april Euphorbia
  • April: Euphorbia
  • August Crocosmia
  • Crocosmia
  • December Thamnocalamus
  • December: Thamnocalamus
  • February Clematis
  • February clematis
  • January Arum
  • January arum
  • July Adenophora
  • July Adenophora
  • June Dianthus
  • June Dianthus
  • March Hellaborus
  • March Helleborus
  • May Iris
  • May iris
  • November Miscanthus
  • November Miscanthus
  • October Nerine
  • October: Nerine
  • September Rudbeckia
  • September Rudbeckia

Cally Gardens is a well established plant nursery in south-west Scotland, set in a romantic walled garden. This series depicts twelve plants chosen to represent each month of the year. Available in colour or B&W, a limited edition of 100 numbered prints is printed on buff coloured Japanese paper. The coloured ink is applied by hand so each print is slightly different.

SIZE: width 110mm x height 200mm
PRICE: B&W £30 Colour £55
POSTAGE: UK free delivery Europe £6.00 Rest of World £10

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