Royal mail postage stamps

1997: St Augustine and St Columba
These stamps commemorate the arrival in Britain of Christianity. In 597 St Augustine landed at Canterbury from Rome, and at the same time St Columba arrived in Scotland from Ireland.

1999: The King James Bible
To mark the Millennium, forty-eight stamps were issued throughout 1999, telling the story of Britain over the last thousand years. Clare Melinsky was commisssioned to design the first class Christmas stamp. This image depicts the first authorised version of the bible to be published in English, by King James I of England [VI of Scotland]. Until then it had been heretical to have a bible printed in anything but Latin. Now anyone who could read could study the bible for themselves. And the advance of printing brought books to the masses.

The Four Countries of the UK: British Saints
2006: Celebrating Scotland St. Andrew
2007: Celebrating England St. George
2008: Celebrating Northern Ireland St. Patrick
2009: Celebrating Wales St David

These stamps were issued as part of a set of four miniature sheets, one sheet for each country.